We make the difference you’re looking for – by combining expert consultancy and the drive to innovate. We share expertise, give practical support, solve problems, win people over. The list of business challenges we can tackle goes on and on.

We acts as a force multiplier and helps companies to win as they get access to the wide network required to capture business growth in any industry. We provide clients access to senior industry professionals, for time to time knowledge, advice & insights on day to day strategic and operational questions.


We understand your business needs!!

Business leaders need insight and expertise to arrive at better decisions & execute more efficiently

We have Conections

We act as a force multiplier and helps companies to win as they get access to the wide network required to capture business growth in any industry

Clients Get Solution

Our network serves clients to reduce cost, efforts & time to lead them to success.

Sectors Covered


Distributor, Mail Order/Online Retail, Manufacturing, Mass Merchant/Department Stores, Retail Consultant, Specialty Retail, Super Markets, Multi-Utility Chains, etc.


Insurance Agents, Insured MNCs, Insurance Companies, Claim Management Companies, Policy Developers, Corporate Insurance, Sales Policies, etc.


Aerospace & Defense, Building Materials, Chemicals, Containers & Packaging, Engineering & Construction, Environmental Services, Industrial Equipment, Metals, etc.


Consumer Services, Gaming & Casinos, Hotels Chains, Motels, Resorts, Cruises, Restaurants & Cafes, Travel Agencies, Online Travel, etc.


Industrial, Companies, Exchange, Academia, General Law, Macroeconomic Consulting, Corporates, Government & Regulatory etc.


Staffing & Recruiting Services, Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Resale & Trading, Telecom Service Provider, Government or Regulatory Body, etc.

Ethics and Compliance

The value of tapping specialized expertise should be tempered by an awareness of its limitations. We have a very strong compliance framework for primary research. Compliance is a core commitment for our business and ingrained in our business structure. Over the past, our systems and compliance protocols help experts manage conflicts and enable our clients to implement their own protocols. Our compliance framework is a key reason why clients overwhelmingly choose to work with Quotient Bridge.


Our terms and conditions makes sure that client requires to significantly follow protocols of the contract signed with Quotient Bridge and do not request any material non-public information or confidential information from experts.


Experts sign and periodically review agreements regarding fair disclosure, insider information and non compete. Experts are free and should deny to any question, information, data or knowledge, which may cause any conflict with his current or previous organizations. All experts sign up to confidentiality clauses on subjects investigated and client details & Our Terms and Conditions committing them to observing relevant legal and regulatory restrictions.


We connect our clients to multiple experts within 2 to 24 hours by matching client requests to its pool of 55,000+ experts across 42 countries. Our solutions through our network help clients to reduce time, cost and energy to give more accurate and faster clarifications on industry trends, information and knowledge.

  • Telephonic Consultations
  • One on One Meeting
  • Interactive Survey
  • Interactive Reports

Quotient Bridge facilitates linking of clients directly to decision makers who can make a difference for their business. We filter the target audience and connect our clients to the most desirable and advantageous partner for their business development needs.

  • Introduction to potential clients
  • New Distributor Introduction
  • New Franchisee introduction
  • New market penetration
  • With the help of Quotient Bridge network we have been organizing B2B meetings for exhibitors at various exhibitions across the globe.
  • We make sure that the event is not just a public display of work but our clients gather considerable amount of business.
  • We connect various dealers, distributors or potential procurement professionals with exhibitors.
  • We have completed more than 75 successful business development campaigns at events/exhibitions for multiple number of clients.
  • We makes sure that our clients gets to meet all potential visitors at the exhibition/event.

We provide our clients with the insight they need to overcome their biggest challenges and help them succeed, bringing together the opinions and data needed to give a clear picture of the issues that matter most.

  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Service excellence & benchmarking
  • Financial management
  • Sales & Incentive excellence
  • Quality
  • Regulation compliance
  • Regulatory implications and impacts
  • Human resource excellence
  • Cost reduction
  • Regulatory Roadmap

Quotient Bridge connects clients to multiple alumni of potential clients and competitors thus providing a comprehensive understanding of prevailing competition in domestic and international markets.

  • Market and Pricing intelligence
  • Competitive strategy and product mapping
  • New market penetration
  • Competitor franchisee mapping
  • Competitor distributor and incentive mapping
  • Competitor organizational structure mapping
  • Competitor incentive structure mapping
  • Quality benchmarking